I’m originally from a suburb of Columbus, Ohio and after graduating from high school attended Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio for two years. I transferred to the University of Cincinnati to complete my bachelor’s degree (in Women’s Studies) and stayed at the University to complete my master’s degree (in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies – thanks to a department name change). My work ¬†while in school focused heavily on sexuality studies and popular culture with my Master’s project titled “‘So… I’m a Vampire’: Queer Narratives within Heteronormative Vampire Romance Novels.”

While in graduate school, I served as the LGBTQ Coordinator graduate assistant in the UC Women’s Center for two years. There I assisted in opening the first LGBTQ Office on campus overseeing volunteers, resources, and Safe Zone training. Prior to my time at the University of Cincinnati, I was the President (and, before that, the Secretary and Panel Director) of the student organization Rainbow Alliance at Wright State supporting LGBT students and allies on campus.

Since moving to Las Vegas in 2010, I’ve been working full-time in student services wearing multiple hats from assisting students learning new technologies to providing guidance on resources and time management to being a primary coordinator of events such as the annual commencement ceremony. I’ve learned a lot about patience and personal organization balancing administrative duties with deadlines and unplanned student meetings when they need assistance. Organization skills have come in handy as I also regularly teach multiple courses within two colleges as an adjunct instructor teaching courses in Women’s Studies, Sociology, and Popular Culture.

I keep busy with my work, but in my downtime I love to read (fiction as well as feminist critiques/essays/commentaries), write on popular culture, hold annual re-watches of my favorite television series, crochet, and work on perfecting the art of at-home iced coffee. I’m a proud Hufflepuff who would absolutely¬†teach Muggle Studies at Hogwarts!

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